Mattress cleaning


Whether flexi coir mattress, foam mattress or spring mattress, we clean, disinfect and dry your mattresses professionally.
Studies have proved that more than 90% of all mattresses are strongly contaminated with germs or are polluted. Large quantities of dried sweat and urine, just like allergenic excrement of mites and skin particles gets into the inside of the mattress over time. The unhygienic mattress is for most people uncomfortable, because we spend nearly one third of our life in bed.
Therefore, the disinfection is an important component of the cleaning and contributes significantly to your health.



Mattresses should be cleaned regularly and on time. The common opinion that mattresses cannot be cleaned is wrong. The difficulty is not the cleaning, but the drying of the washed mattress. The drying is only possible with a special technology and in specifically for it intended drying facilities. A new mould formation and contamination is thereby prevented.
Our 50-years of experience with the cleaning of carpet and upholstered furniture we have adapted this to the cleaning of mattresses.
We pick up the mattress for the cleaning and bring it back to you dust-free after cleaning and drying.
During your mattresses being cleaned in our facilities you don’t have to sleep on the floor or get a hotel room. After an agreement we can led you a mattress.

Regular cleaning increase the lifetime of the mattress and you will feel much better.

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